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Returning To The Roots A Bit Wiser

No man has any natural authority over his fellowman
— Jean Jacques Rousseau

amargi – in the end you can only live free in trustful relationships, holding you safe and sharing your pain and laughter.

… “Faced with the potential for complete social breakdown, Sumerian and later Babylonian kings periodically announced general amnesties: “clean slates,” as economic historian Michael Hudson refers to them. Such decrees would typically declare all outstanding consumer debt null and void (commercial debts were not affected), return all land to its original owners, and allow all debt-peons to return to their families. Before long, it became more or less a regular habit for kings to make such a declaration on first assuming power, and many were forced to repeat it periodically over the course of their reigns. In Sumeria, these were called “declarations of freedom”—and it is significant that the Sumerian word amargi, the first recorded word for “freedom” in any known human language, literally means “return to mother”—since this is what freed debt-peons were finally allowed to do.”

— David Graeber, Debt: The First 5,000 Years

Universal Human Needs



Anything your body needs not only to survive but be healthy, energetic and vital_ fresh air, water, food, protection from elements.



Dangers not exceeding your ability to handle them. Being and feeling safe in regard of your body, soul and emotions and your livelihood



Fulfilling emotions of affections to your loved one. Giving and receiving out of affection, trust and love. Trustful connection to your environment.



Having people in your life, you can trust in difficult times and you willing to help them in difficult times.. People you can enjoy being together and share everyday life and celebrate and mourn together.



Express yourself in art and everyday life. Explore your life and environment by puting thoughts, ideas, skills, actions and emotions together in your unique way.


Play & Recreation

Safe environment for Regeneration of your body and mind and activation of self-healing capacities. Being spontaneous and explore and learn new things. Giving your mind a break by playing.



To use and develop your cognitive capacities as well as your empathy to really understand and grok things. Also understand other people and being understood by them.


Self Determination

Exercising your will according to your values, inclinations, perceptions and needs regarding yourself and your life. Freedom to choose.



The big questions of life: why, where from, who and what for and so on. Grasping the meaning of life and making sense of individual relationship to all that is.

Harnessing Insights And Lessons From As Long We Can Remember.




Common Sense

About Me

I’m Alex. I Trust, We Can Learn And Do Better For Our Freedom In Trust.

A blog is planed about those Insights and lessons. To explore, differentiate, play, discuss, find like-minded people, learn and further the cause of freedom in trust. For now is this button “read more” not yet functional.

It is not about what we are but what we want to be. Once intention and will are established, healing and learning from our experiences can take place and lead us to a human dream of peace and freedom.

Inspirations for trust in human potentials

Those are many, here are some in no particular order:
Milton H. Erickson, David Graeber, David Allen, John Gottman, Jean Liedloff, Yequana Tribe, Rupert Sheldrake, Richard Bandler, Daniel Siegel, Claudia v. Werlhof, Maria Gimbutas, Vandana Shiva, Franz Hörmann, Keith Ferrazzi, Manfred Max-Neef, Michael Parenti, Joachim Fernau, Mark Twain, Sokrates, Henry David Thoreau, Mosuo Tribe, Alan Watts, Heide Göttner-Abendroth, Terence McKenna, José María Arizmendiarrieta, Brian J. Robertson, George Carlin, Friedrich Glasl, and many many more…

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